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Deze week in aflevering 175: Compound in human breast milk inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria – Environmental estrogen burdens babies in mothers’ wombs – Glass-coated catheters could wipe out infections and save NHS millions – California Bans Popular Pesticide Linked To Brain Damage In Children – RSS-updates ontvangen voor alle Youtube abonnementen – Elastische bloedvaten met dertig gram walnoten per dag – England Town Bans 5G Rollout Amidst Growing Health Concerns – Uitzending Dokters van Morgen over vasten – Lack of sleep increases junk food cravings via nose-brain interactions – Compound found in tomatoes can ‘boost sperm quality’ – A strong association found between artificially sweetened beverages and diabetes factor – Antidepressant use in over 65s more than doubles in 20 years – On oral contraceptive pills? You could be at risk of heart disease! – Quote — Bijdragen luisteraars — Bijdragen Henk, Mike is met vakantie