103 van 06-05-2018 103 van 06-05-2018

Deze week in aflevering 103: Sharp rise in aggressive brain cancer linked to mobile phones – Unilever verantwoordelijk voor obesitas-epidemie – Use of ibuprofen and similar NSAIDs may shorten life of patients – Big Pharma nemen ‘onafhankelijke’ gezondheidswebsites over – Statins could increase form of motor neurone disease risk – Samenwerking dietisten, suikerindustrie, frisdrank, australië – People raised in cities without pets at risk from mental illness – A bandage soaked in vinegar could help stop wound infections – UNICEF ‘muted’ on tobacco control for children – New lab study reveals how breast cancer drug can accelerate cancer cell growth – Een stof in olijven imiteert in spierweefsel de werking van insuline – Treatment With Diabetes Drugs Causes Early Worsening of Renal Function – Is treatment making it worse? DNA damage to brain cells can be caused by nanoparticles from medical treatments – Dark chocolate improves your eye sight – Garlic can slash the risk of cancer conclude scientists – Music activates regions of the brain spared by Alzheimer’s disease – Herziening van de veilig bevonden hoeveelheden aluminium in kindervaccins is nodig – De laatste plaatjes – Bijdrage luisteraars – Mike en Henk 103 van 06-05-2018

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