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Category : Internet , Media , Radio aflevering 90 van 04-02-2018

In aflevering 90 – Monsanto weedkiller is killing humans – America’s Lawyer – Epilepsy drug has left children with autism – High exposure to radiofrequency radiation linked to tumor activity in male rats – Sweden agrees to consider ditching daylight saving time – Mother, 44, ‘cures’ cancer by taking cannabis oil – A bacterial duo linked to colon cancer – Onderzoekers ontdekken wat de Hongerwinter ons kan leren over metabole gezondheid – Full-fat milk raises good cholesterol levels – The end of toxic chemo? Blocking vitamin B-2 may stop cancer – Vaping causes DNA mutations leading to cancer – Girl ‘almost’ cured of epilepsy after eating avocados – E-cigarette flavors are toxic to white blood cells, warn scientists – Ohio University study shows Vitamin D3 could help heal or prevent cardiovascular damage – Statins decrease leptin expression in human white adipocytes. de bijdragen van de luisteraar(s) en verder Trump, Trump en Trump ….

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