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Deze week in aflevering 109 Chemotherapy can actually trigger the spread of cancer in adjacent areas, science confirms – Nieuwe aanwijzing dat herpesvirus een rol speelt in Alzheimer – Consuming more than 5 alcoholic drinks per week increases your risk of oral cancer – Toothpaste could give you type 2 diabetes – Exposure to fracking chemicals and wastewater promotes fat cell development – Scientists Studying Brain Stimulation as Possible Diabetes Treatment – Absorption of wireless radiation in the child versus adult brain and eye from cell phone – Toothpaste and hand wash are causing antibiotic resistance – Obama bilderberg hoax – Oxidative stress in rats exposed to microwave radiation – Gum disease associated with high blood pressure – Gerard won rechtszaak tegen farmaciereus – Preclinical study finds stevia is comparable to antibiotics in the treatment of Lyme disease -CLASSIC wristwatches have been linked to cancer due to the fact they emit radiation, researchers have warned. – Bijdragen luisteraars – Illegale vluchtelingen VS – Seksnetwerk in de media – Anti meme wetgeving – fracking – Marokaanse criminaliteit – Rutte naar Trump – Het Islam probleem en meer aflevering 109 van 24-06-2018 Zon: 21.00 uur

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Deze week in aflevering ADHD drugs may fuel obesity in children – EU negeert Nederland – geen andere meetmethode sigaretten – A leading professor from Canada is calling for large scale studies into the link between mesh and autoimmune diseases – Injectable Progestin-Only Contraceptives May Increase Risk for VTE – CRISPR-Edited Cells Linked to Cancer Risk in 2 Studies – A third of Americans are on drugs that could make them depressed – and they probably don’t know it – Smoking clogs up parts of the brain crucial for memory – Gut instinct may have been the GPS of human ancestors – Does Alcohol Destroy The Good Bacteria In Your Mouth? – Vitamin C trialled as life-saving treatment intensive care patients with sepsis – Fedup – Het effect van zonnestormen op stress, zelfmoord – Applying tea tree oil extracts to surgical tools could kill deadly bugs – Ayurvedic doctors believe that your digestion is strongest in the middle of the day, so lunch should be your biggest meal. – O Anon – Trump bezoek Noord Korea – GEO politiek en veel wetenswaardigheden. aflevering 108 van 17-06-2018

Zondag 21.00 uur aflevering 107 van 10-06-2018

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Deze week in aflevering 107: Waarom is roken slecht voor het hart? – Is your high blood sugar caused by electromagnetic hypersensitivity? – Why beige carbs are the ones to avoid – Low-carb diets have been around for a while but did you know the colour of the carbs you eat also matters. – Fish oil supplements may soothe the pain of cancer treatments, says new research – Dogs trigger release of dopamine in the same way as our children – Parkinson’s – Vitamin B3 has a positive effect on damaged nerve cells – The headphones that could help ease hot flushes – More than 10 million Americans are likely taking the wrong drugs for heart health – Loneliness is bad for the heart – The health effect of air pollution from traffic – How does alcohol influence the development of Alzheimer’s disease? – Light exposure during sleep may increase insulin resistance – One in every 5 deaths in young adults is opioid-related in the United States – Neuroinflammation – Klinghardt – Inflammation in mother tied to child’s brain function, behavior – Can birth control pills make teens depressed? – More than 8 million children now on mind-altering psychiatric medication – Bijdragen luisteraars & Mike en Henk. aflevering 107 van 10-06-2018

Zondag 21.00 aflevering 106 van 03-06-2018

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Deze week in aflevering 106: De douane werkt innig samen met de tabaksindustrie – Cancer risk? 5G wireless speeds could be dangerous – Antwoorden op vragen over artikel ‘Weedkiller products more toxic than their active ingredient, tests show’ – Spontaan vet verliezen door suppletie met oleoylethanolamide – Unavoidable chemical used in soap and toothpaste could leave you battling bowel cancer – Vaping E-cigarettes highly addictive and leads to smoking cigarettes health experts warn – Infection rates after colonoscopy, endoscopy at US specialty centers are far higher than expected – Zinc deficiency and its predictive capacity for anaemia – Ban cartoon characters on unhealthy food, MPs say – The roll out of 5G wireless service is ‘a massive health experiment’ – People who wear glasses really ARE smarter – Wat is Neu5Gc? – Gluconeogenese. – Chemours kan rekening voor verspreiding GenX verwachten – Hoe de voedingsindustrie je belazerd met toegevoegde vezels – Unileverproducten helemaal niet gezond – Steeds meer mensen ervaren vage, onverklaarde gezondheidsklachten op kantoor en school – Kids who drink orange juice in the morning ‘have a higher obesity risk’ – Chronic exposure to ELF-EMF is similar to physiological stress – Diepe hersenstimulatie kan glucosemetabolisme beïnvloeden – Dr. Robert Lustig The Hacking of the American Mind + Reacties luisteraars en de bijdragen van Mike en Henk aflevering 106 van 03-06-2018 aflevering 105 van 27-05-2018 Zondag 20.00 uur

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Deze week in aflevering 105 geen gezondheid nieuws met Ron maar wel al het GEO politieke nieuws met MH 17 – MH 370 – Noord Korea top afgezegd – Verkiezingen Italie – Q Anon – AVG wetgeving – Nieuws detox – De psychiatrische matrix – Bijdragen luisteraars

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Zondag 21.00 uur het nieuws vanuit de bron

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Deze week in aflevering 104 Eating MORE food could help you lose weight – Tientallen huizen te dicht bij hoogspanningskabels onder de grond – Vaccines Cause Toxic Overload | Dr. Stephanie Seneff – Vetten uit olijfolie en noten beschermen en verjongen bloedvaten – Luchtvervuiling is niet alleen schadelijk voor de fysieke maar ook voor de mentale gezondheid – Wanneer worden de criminele pleitbezorgers van statines nu eens gestraft? – Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment ‘should be withdrawn’ – Ointment made with CURRY POWDER could cure erection problems – Texas A&M study links breast cancer to the body’s internal clock – Heart failure – The Alzheimer’s disease of the heart? – Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health – Why You Need Salt for Better Protein Digestion – Large Spanish study finds higher rate of pneumonia in vaccinated group (Pfizer’s Prevnar 13) – Hersendode jongen (13) ontwaakt nadat procedure orgaandonatie al gestart is – Regular fast food eating linked to fertility issues in women – Walnuts impact gut microbiome and improve health | Bijdrage van de luisteraars Mike en Henk aflevering 104 van 13-05-2018 103 van 06-05-2018

Deze week in aflevering 103: Sharp rise in aggressive brain cancer linked to mobile phones – Unilever verantwoordelijk voor obesitas-epidemie – Use of ibuprofen and similar NSAIDs may shorten life of patients – Big Pharma nemen ‘onafhankelijke’ gezondheidswebsites over – Statins could increase form of motor neurone disease risk – Samenwerking dietisten, suikerindustrie, frisdrank, australië – People raised in cities without pets at risk from mental illness – A bandage soaked in vinegar could help stop wound infections – UNICEF ‘muted’ on tobacco control for children – New lab study reveals how breast cancer drug can accelerate cancer cell growth – Een stof in olijven imiteert in spierweefsel de werking van insuline – Treatment With Diabetes Drugs Causes Early Worsening of Renal Function – Is treatment making it worse? DNA damage to brain cells can be caused by nanoparticles from medical treatments – Dark chocolate improves your eye sight – Garlic can slash the risk of cancer conclude scientists – Music activates regions of the brain spared by Alzheimer’s disease – Herziening van de veilig bevonden hoeveelheden aluminium in kindervaccins is nodig – De laatste plaatjes – Bijdrage luisteraars – Mike en Henk 103 van 06-05-2018