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Category : aflevering 178 van 10-11-2019

Deze week in aflevering 178: Anti-molecuul tegen neuropathie – Why beta-blockers cause skin inflammation – PFAS zit dus ook in een bekende pesticide – Ban on flavored e-cigs may FAIL to stop students from vaping – unless it includes mint – Contravention of human rights and environmental law to establish the 5G-system in Denmark – This review suggests that ELF EMFs may be associated with neurodegenerative diseases – Seaweed-Based Drug Approved for Alzheimer’s in China – Statins linked to increased risk of skin infections – High Blood Pressure and NSAIDs – Nu krijgt ook de Europese consument gif van Braziliaanse producten binnen – Cancer risk associated with simian virus 40 contaminated polio vaccine – Deep Sleep May ‘Rinse’ Day’s Toxins From Brain – Mijn column — Bijdragen luisteraars – Trumpianen Mike en Henk