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Category : Internet , Media , Radio aflevering 97 van 25-03-2018

In aflevering 97 Impact of radiofrequency radiation on DNA damage and antioxidants – Certain diabetes drugs may be linked to increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease – Vitamin D requires magnesium – You can take supplements but still stay deficient in D if your magnesium levels are too low – Beetroots may help in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease – Certain pain medications linked to increased heart risks – Statin Use May Accelerate Disease Onset in Rheumatoid Arthritis Susceptible Populations – Too Much Medicine & The Great Statin Con – Dr Aseem Malhotra – Chronic fatigue syndrome possibly explained by lower levels of key thyroid hormones – Artificial sweeteners raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes – Revolutionary new filter can improve drinking water quality – Tooth health may indicate diabetes risk – Stem cells treat macular degeneration – Is your deodorant making you ill? – Chemical in sugar may cause diabetes by derailing metabolism – Study shows omega-3 levels better predictors of death risk than serum cholesterol – Artificial sweetener Splenda could intensify symptoms in those with Crohn’s disease. Verder Trump en Q anon nieuws, referendum sleepwet, de Nederlandse verkiezingen en meer ….

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