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In aflevering 69: Magnesium cream could combat high blood pressure – Antidepressants found in fish brains in Great Lakes region – Is het zinvol om medicijnen te geven om het cholesterol te verlagen? – Consumers ‘betrayed’ over sustainßability of world’s biggest tuna fishery – Video – Dr. Mercola Interviews Martin Pall on EMFs – Overheid Texas gaf al in 2011 toe dat men bezig was met opwekken van zware regenval – Monsanto – It Ain’t Glyphosate, it’s the Additives! – France to vote against license renewal for weedkiller glyphosate – Verband tussen pesticidengebruik en geboorteafwijkingen – Nieuwe definitie voedingsindustrie van ‘volkoren’ product: moet 30% volkoren bevatten en meer dan bloem – Unilever – Cutting saturated fats could shorten your life, study claims – Women are being driven to near suicide due to Essure – Don’t take ibuprofen if you go to the gym, study finds – Are Some Psychiatric Disorders a pH Problem? – Higher dietary magnesium intake was associated with a reduced risk of CHD in Japanese men – Coconut oil protects cortical neurons from amyloid beta toxicity by enhancing signaling of cell survival pathways – Antistress and antioxidant effects of virgin coconut oil in vivo – Teflon Town – Chemfab’s Toxic Legacy – REUTERS now in bed with Monsanto, committing journalistic fraud to cover up evidence of harm from toxic agricultural poisons – Dark chocolate with olive oil associated with improved cardiovascular risk profile – Overlevenden hartstilstand nog beter geholpen met extra vitamine C – New science confirms – Earth was WARMER during Medieval period – Understanding how omega-3 dampens inflammatory reactions en meer ….

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