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Politiek en Gezondheid Nieuws 21.00 uur (verkiezing)

Category : , Internet , Media , Radio aflevering 145 van 17-03-2019

Deze week in aflevering 145 Stress hormones promote breast cancer metastasis – Why the vaccine industry REFUSES to conduct clinical trials using a genuine placebo control group – French, German Farmers Destroy GMO-contaminated Crops – Are AirPods dangerous? 250 scientists warn they may be – Er wordt gesjoemeld met data bij vrijwel alle medicijnen – Gut bacteria compound may be a key component for fighting diabetes – Study warns of disinfectant use in hospitals – De Deense BMR studie – Net als alle vorige onderzoeken naar de BMR / autisme-vraag, richt de studie zich op één vaccin. – Link tussen alzheimer en hormoontherapie – A nap a day keeps high blood pressure at bay – Pre-diabetes makes patients out of healthy people, say critics – E-cigarette users face a higher risk of a heart attack and stroke – Quotes – Vragen luisteraars – Bijdragen Mike en Henk waaronder de aanslag in NZ – De stand van zaken met Q – Brexit en meer aflevering 145 van 17-03-2019

Zondag 21.00 het nieuws anders belicht

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Deze week in aflevering 127 Bijdrage Mike en Henk en verder … Soy formula feeding during infancy associated with severe menstrual pain in adulthood – Vervang wit brood door roggebrood, en word slimmer – Want to avoid Alzheimer’s? Try a darker roast – Alum wins lawsuit against Monsanto for hiding side effects of pesticides – Örebro researchers studied connection between intestinal bacteria and development of diabetes – Smoking during pregnancy may lead to childhood eye condition – Insufficient vitamin D could lead to coronary artery diseases in people with diabetes – Brazilian Researchers Link Rise in Colon Cancer to Increase in Pesticide Use – Discovery of massive volcanic CO2 emissions puts damper on global warming theory – Disrupted circadian rhythms may drive anxiety and exacerbate brain disorders – Violence in childhood leads to accelerated aging, study finds – Phytosterols can impair vitamin D intestinal absorption in vitro and in mice – Vervuilde grond illegaal onder Barneveldse nieuwbouwwijken – Video – Roundup the Biggest Trigger of Autoimmune Conditions Today – GBM Rise Only in Frontal and Temporal Lobes aflevering 127 van 11-11-2018